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In having faith and investing in a relationship with G-d.  Letting go and truly believing

. . .In long hugs and crying when you need to – and that Husband gives some of the very best hugs.

. . . That sometimes it is necessary to eat your body weight in candy. In class. To stay awake. Or because it’s there and tasty.  No reason required.

. . . That 3am is far to early to start your day.

. . .That leaving notes around for your Forever Love is one of the most fun things to do

. . .In being kind to yourself and remembering that whatever you’re feeling is valid


I believe that dreams take time, and that the bumps and bruises along the way make them worth it

. . . In not judging someone by their past as long as they no longer live there

. . . In spending more time reminiscing on the things we love, the adventures we had and all the wonder left for us to discover rather than the things we hate

I believe in how good Husband smells after a shower.

. . . That family comes first and should get your best.

Our Sweet Gracie Lou

Our Sweet Gracie Lou

. . . That animals have souls and should know only love – not neglect, fear and pain.

Our Sweet Gracie Lou

. . . In handwritten letters and care packages “just because”

I believe in comfort foods like home made mac-n-cheese, tuna noodle casserole and cheesecake being essential

. . . in saying “please” and “thank you” and that you can never say “I love you” enough

I believe in having hobbies and creating.  Taking time for yourself and doing something for you is excellent medicine

. . . in new friends and old friends and being kind to someday maybe friends.

That judging people might be easy but you should keep in mind that you don’t know what their story is

. . . that it’s not the end of the world if we go to bed angry.  That being tired can cause a poor choice or words and unnecessary tone.

That the sage advice of my great gram: “Dress your best when you feel your worst”  is just that – sage advice.

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I believe in giving Husband the benefit of the doubt, trusting that he would never say or do anything to hurt me. Sometimes I need to remember to listen again

I believe that I can and that I will.

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I Love this Song – it was Played at our Wedding

What are some things you believe in?