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Challenge Accepted:  Blog Every Day In May.  1) Your life story in 250 words or less. (give or take)

Just a small town girl. . . living in a lonely world. . .

I’m funny.

Youngest of two, raised with lots of love. Spending summers at the lake or brewing up potions on the back porch when it rained. Winter birthdays celebrated with sleds and family.

Drama club, debate and math team member through high school, unsure of what to do or where to go when it ended.  I decided to see the world and figure it out. 4 years spent as a sailor dropping points on targets, briefing aviators and falling in Love for the first time, though it wasn’t meant to be.

Went home and to college.  Studied DNA Helicase,  atoms, elements, ligaments, tendons and math without numbers. Moved from Blue to Green. Settled into a love and drifted slowly from who I was and wanted to be.  Detached and compromised I hurt the people I love.

Unexpectedly fell in L-O-V-E Made amends, did some Very Hard Work. Bathed in the Mikveh with purple toes and two diamond rings. Exchanged vows under a chuppah and danced the night away. Moved to the land of 10,000 lakes but didn’t stay long. Traveled back to San Antonio for more Army school and the Evergreen State for (even) more training.  Professional sleeper on the weekend, renegade crafter when inspired, novice motorcycle chick, Professional Wizard fan.



Happy.  Honest.  Human.