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I walked in frazzled – angry with Husband and myself for being late.  Everyone else was already seated at the table, name tags on and snacks dipped into.

Months prior I scheduled a meeting with our very awesome Rav.  Freshly married I sat in his office frustrated about All The Rules: Modesty. Food. Family Purity. I wanted to follow them all but then again, I didn’t agree with them all and also, didn’t really know how to follow them all.

“I’m going to put you in contact with this other young lady.  She’s a true conservative – as I suspect you are too – and I think you two will have a fine time chatting about this stuff.”

Her contact information was lost in the rest of our meeting but as soon as she introduced herself at the table I knew she was the one Rav O had mentioned.

She writes like a motherfucker.

As Sugar Says

As Sugar Says

She was my first friend in MN and I was (am) so grateful. She’s supported me (and Husband and Gracie) through 3 moves and countless other Big Things.   She is awesomeness personified.