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One of the ladies at work just celebrated the wedding of her oldest daughter.

Today she was feeling nostalgic for the days of her youth where she spent time “driving with the windows down having the whole world before me.”

Part of her trip down nostalgia lane involved music.  I think music is secondary to the olfactory sense, don’t you? I know that if I inhale the scent of sheets dried in the sun I am 8 years old again snuggling into my M. Boynton dinosaur sheets. Same goes for music.  Certain songs bring me right back to where I first heard them or where they first resonated with me.

So while this:


Banded Neutrophils?

Reference Books of Mine

Reference Books of Mine

was going on, I was also being transported back to my first apartment via the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  I was barely 21, living in Washington state, heavy into pool (billiards, not swimming) and so all free time was spent at either the Blue Dolphin or American Legion.  I preferred the later where the majority of clientele had been drunk for 30+ years and knew how to handle it. I practiced bank shots, combos, being ditzy and the fine art of hustling.

This song was a jukebox favorite: 

I think it’s been a year or so since I’ve picked up a cue stick and we didn’t even bring mine on this most recent adventure of ours but I suddenly have a strong desire to get my hustle back on. . .