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Sometimes saying “yes” is a reflex.  We’re half listening, multi-tasking, completely distracted and yet, we  respond with the affirmative when asked a question.

Husband I lived with my parents for awhile when things were up in the air about our next military move.  It was overall a positive experience. (Let’s face it, no one wants to be 28 and living with their parents, but as far as parents go we’ve got some fabulous ones).

We took over the Room that Used to be Grandè Sisters; put our own bed in there, moved Mom’s stuff out and viola! A very cozy studio apartment (sans a kitchen and bathroom).

Something Like This

Something Like This


Sometimes we closed the door.

My mom knocked one night whilst Husband and I were . . . enjoying our relationship.  She asked if she could come in.  I have no idea why I answered “Yes”.  As soon as I said it I heard the door knob twist. Husband and I both freaked out and all but screamed “No!”

My mother cracked up.  “Okay okay… well uh- you guys just… when you’re done.. ah – we’ll talk later.”  I could hear her continued laughter as she walked away and back into the kitchen.

Giggles heard in the kitchen. Red face buried in the pillows. Our bed shaking with our own laughter.  The moment decidedly gone.

Thanks Jenni for having us remember this gloriously embarrassing moment. Thanks Mom for being awesome and understanding.