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Today’s prompt:  Something you miss.

There are people I miss, too many to mention individually.  Plus, I don’t want to go down that weepy tissue necessary road.

There are times in my life that I miss. Times where the entire world seemed stretched out before me and if I made a few wrong choices here and there it didn’t matter.

I only miss those things when I sit and think about them.  When I get frustrated planning my next move – wishing I was younger so I could do it all and it wouldn’t matter or at least timing didn’t matter so much.  I miss my Pappy when I think about my Navy days and when I see how well he and Husband would have gotten along.

What I really miss these days are roots.


Being a part of a community, not being afraid to make friends (why bother if you’re just moving on in 3-6 months?) joining a book club, being a member of a congregation that jives with our values.

Having been transient for the least 2.5 years makes me crave the idea of being able to put paint on the walls. Normalcy. Plant a garden with my black thumbs. Oh my Nana would be proud at my attempt but ashamed at the plant massacre that is sure to ensue. Have friends over for parties and meet up for a run around the lake or a much needed wine/vent session.

I miss the stability that comes with roots and while I appreciate the lessons we’ve learned together along the way I am saying uncle.  I am admitting that we – Husband and I – are not meant to be nomads.

We like our roots.

Oh yes. The world is a big beautiful place and I want to see as much of it as possible. I also want to go home after a week or maybe even a month (if it’s a really good trip) and be in my space.  A place we can customize and change as we wish.  A place worthy of printing up address labels and investment.

I crave to settle into a place where time really moves too fast. We are done with counting down until this is over.