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“Love, you really need to get up.  You said you wanted/need to leave by 630 so you’ve gotta put the burners on.”

I refuse reality for a few more minutes and then force myself out of bed with the promise that I can sleep “all day” Saturday.

Showered and out the door at 0640 I feel pretty good about the start of the day.  IMG_3093Traffic is nice to me and I arrive at work a bit early.  I settle into my desk and click on the microscope.  The goal for today?  A very reasonable 15 abnormal differentials after sitting down with my boss to go over Leukemias.


“Dr. Firestone, please call ext 74AW##89” The lights flash and doors slam close.  Seriously? I heave myself out of my chair and head to the rally point for the required fire-drill accountability.


Back at my desk I dig into my differentials.

YAY Cells!

YAY Cells! (That’s an NRBC BTW)

Evesdropping ensues for awhile as my boss talks at great lengths to someone I loathe.  I find it fascinating how people can be perceived so differently.  Boss sure seems to adore him.  I want to tell her she’s way off base, but I turn back to my microscope and focus on the poor child with ALL.


I eat lunch.  Today it’s black bean, corn and tomato pizza.  I’ve been eating this for the last few days since Husband is not a fan and I don’t like throwing away food.


Sit down with Boss lady to go over the different Leukemias and cell differentials.


Left back to our own devices.

“Hey C – I should know this by now, but I don’t.  Think this is a Meta or a Myelo?”

“Is this an x or a y?”


“Oh!  I found an Auer rod! Oh wait, no that’s bad.”

“Hey C – do you think this is a or b?”


Formation before everyone but us two go to the gym.  Learn about Friday’s plan.


Home.  Converse with Sister about how horrible Beckett is to Castle and how awesome Brennan is with Booth (even if she is awkward).


Phone call for In Law’s birthday. BIG numbers this time around.


Dinner and Burn Notice.




study, fuss, vent, bitch, moan, eat ice cream, study, pack bag for work tomorrow.


*End Scene*


*Apologies as this is probably the worst post I’ve written but I’m committed to this blog-a-day-in-May thing damnit.  I’m gonna see it through. I am I am! *