Have I been training? Not really.

ImageI signed up on a whim after a super-awesome-bad-ass-LT asked me to.  We ran together once. (Twice if you count the mandatory fun run).

Last time I ran 5 miles was on a treadmill and I ended up with one rockin’ blister.

My goal today is to finish.

Bonus points if I am inspired to sign up for and train for that half marathon in July. We shall see.


IMG_1260Race packet picked up. Headphones in.  Debate about keeping the jacket on. Decide that I should keep it on.  I hate being cold.


SO glad Husband caught this face on camera.  Sorry (I’m not sorry) I’m so photogenic.

3 miles in I’m hoping Husband has found the markers so I can toss him my coat.  No such luck.  Oh well.  I’m almost done.

IMG_1279Super pumped that I can see the finish line and have found both Husband and Gracie in the crowd.  I think my thought process was something like “That dog looks like Gracie – oh! Husband!”

I finished around 45 minutes which is pretty damn good.  I’d have liked to have been faster and I’d also have liked to not thrown up at the end of it.  I don’t know why that happens to me but it pretty consistently does – even at the end of PT tests which are a mere 2 miles.

IMG_1294Hydrate Gracie with my new super awesome water bottle.  She did a lot of the heavy lookin’ on and pulling on the leash, she was very thirsty. (Also, does it look like I’ve got baldness creeping in or is it clear it’s just a very bad ponytail?)

We wandered about the runners fair for awhile and then I signed up for a free massage. How brilliant is that idea? Completely.

IMG_1300Yes, I think I will be signing up for the 13.1 miler in July.  For that one I will actually train. I think.