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Why are the easy posts for the weekend when I have lots of time yet the challenging ones are during the week day?  I suppose I could take the time and write a bit in advance but where would the fun be without that last minute scramble?


1 – I did the lovebomb post for the Other E, so clearly she’s on this list. She has a unique way of writing and it never fails to make me go “I wish I wrote that”.

2 – Laowai Amok pt. 2 – super awesome, super honest, super random at times personal blog.  I check this blog every day cuz I don’t want to miss a post

3 – CatRuns – a newly found blog that I very much enjoy reading.  I’m noticing a trend with the blogs I like reading.  They’re all authentic and honest which is an excellent start. Throw in the fact that these ladies can write and it’s bound to give you some good reads.

4 – Twinisms – this lady has 2 sets of twins and is an Army wife.  Her life is never dull.  She’s got a sharp tongue and quick wit.  Love it.

5 – Girl’s Gone Child.  Lovely photos.  Raw writing. This is the post that got me hooked.