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Well wasn’t this the kick in the ass I needed.  Previously I had a different blog. I kept it for almost 3 years and it was a very personal chronicle of our lives.  Too personal. I didn’t like being able to be googled and having it pop up.  So I moved to this site.

It’s still personal and honest, but there are no names here at LOVE Full Throttle.  We can still be friends right?

Today’s challenge was to link to past favorite posts. So – I brought over some of the posts from the old blog for your viewing pleasure.  It was either that or give you one of the 21 posts you’ve hopefully already read.  If this is your first time here then you should read this one too.  I think it’s pretty great.

And now for something completely different

And now for something completely different

Where I’m From 

A post inspired by a writing prompt from Mama Kat’s in which I explore “Where I’m From”. Oh, sorry, you gathered that from the title?  Okay. Here’s a snippet:

I am from Anchors Aweigh and pale, freckled skin.  From Marilyn and Jean and Nancy. Women with fingers knotted from working knitting needles and braiding heavy wool rugs.  From a woman ahead of her time, teaching herself Lamaze from a record, and a woman slight in frame yet filled deep with strength. Reme, Nana, and Grammy.

Marriage Monday’s – The ARt of NAVIGATION

Being a newlywed I felt compelled and, better yet – qualified to give advice on marriage. I wrote it 5 months into our marriage. Seriously, there’s some totally new – never before heard wisdom in this post. (Fine. There isn’t, but you should still read it).

Like any newly married couple, we are building our life together and we’re creating our own traditions. Our own melting pot of past experiences, celebrations, expectations, trials and errors. Together we’re figuring out what observations we’re comfortable embracing, slowly, gradually braiding our stories together. Much like the bread I’ve tried to make, so many times, we’re tweaking our own recipe – now that we have the basics down.

These Things I Believe 

Maybe this will help you all get to know me better. It’s a list and I adore lists.

. . .In long hugs and crying when you need to – and that Husband gives some of the very best hugs.
. . . That sometimes it is necessary to eat your body weight in candy. In class. To stay awake. Or because it’s there and tasty.  No reason required.. . . That 3am is far to early to start your day.

. . .That leaving notes around for your Forever Love is one of the most fun things to do