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I’m on Fire!

Okay not really.

I’m frustrated with blogging and some of these prompts. I want to be able to devote more time to this and I want my blog to be everything I envision it to be NOW.  These things take time and I understand that but I want to throw my temper tantrum and then wave a wand and have it fixed.

Patience, Patience.  I know.

On to todays prompt alà Ms. Jenni at Story of My Life. 

It bothers me when people don’t help one another. – Treat others how you want to be treated.  Be aware.  Look around.  Is that person carrying one box too many?  Does that person need a cup of coffee?  In their situation what would you want? Stop thinking so much about the WIIFM.

When people think animals are disposable.  They are not.  Think about this before you get one.  They can be expensive and demand a lot of time.  It’s worth it but make sure it’s a commitment you can make.

When people are rude just to be rude. Yep – there is a line, yes you have to wait in it.  Snide remarks are not going to make it move faster but it will make your time more unpleasant.

When people lack empathy and understanding.  Everyone you know and everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

When people find out I’ve been in the military and deployed and they ask “did you kill anyone?”  Don’t do that. Just – NO.

I miss these comics

I miss these comics – this one is from 20 years ago.  20!