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Hyperbole and a Half

via Hyperbole and a Half

Today’s prompt from The Story of My Life was to write about something we read online. I didn’t have any inspiration for this.  I’ve been feeling very BLAGH lately and so has Husband.  Everything we do has been tainted with this “what’s the point” feeling that we like to blame on All The Moves but actually is more about depression/adjustment disorder symptoms.

Depression is a wanker.

There are about 121 million people living with depression in some form.

It’s more than just feeling sad, worthless, hopeless.  It’s complicated.  It’s serious and real.

So read this since it’s the most honest -heartbreakingly so piece I’ve ever read on depression. Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half is amazing.  Go – acquaint yourselves with her if you aren’t already familiar. Read some of her “funny” stuff too.  Even though her 3 pieces on depression do make me laugh – it’s the kind of laugh that makes you clamp your hand over your mouth while exclaiming “shit!  I should NOT be laughing!” Awkward. So – read some of her really funny ones to make yourself feel a little better.

-  via Hyperbole and a Half

via Hyperbole and a Half

*If you know anyone struggling with depression or suspect that they might be please be kind to them.  It’s a flaw in chemistry not character and nothing they can control. (in case you were one of those types to offer up advice along the lines of “pull yourself up” or “snap out of it!”)