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“What’s bees mean?”  She leaned over to me, the leather of the pedicure chair squeaking, her phone extended.

Confused, thinking of winged aphids with vicious stingers I read the text.

” . . . BS? What’s BS?”

I’m sure that as soon as she asked the question the answer popped into her head.


Her infectious laugh rippled across the room.  I shook my head giggling “bees”. 

The Stinger Free variety

The Stinger Free variety


When Husband and I first started dating he made mention of talking to his “Mommy”  – had the car been moving I might have asked him to pull over and let me out.  My heart started to pound and arm pits did their thing.  I liked this man a lot.  A lot a lot. He was well past the age of 12 and yet still used the word . . . Mommy? *shudder*  Normally that’s not a good thing.

First visit to the land of 10,000 lakes they met us with flowers.  Future-Husband had mentioned that I was kinda sorta really sick and had no voice.  At the house full of bouncing dogs and framed pictures of future-husband through the years there was hot chicken noodle soup waiting for me.  Vegetarian chicken noodle soup. I was quite touched by the gesture. “That’s my mommy”  This time the word didn’t make me sweat or want to leave.  That is a good thing.

Between visits one and three a lot of shit went down.  A lot a lot. Weddingproposalonthebeachtentativedatesetthenbustedthatiwasareallybadpersonso wassoverymessedupandwasdatingsomeoneelsetooshortlyafterwhichmygallbladderexplodedwillbehusbandmeetsmyparentsanddiscoversthattheyrenotexactlyorthodox(orevenjewish)andthatsnotevenallofit . . .

I am biting the bullet, sucking out the poison, making amends, begging forgiveness, doing whatever it takes to make. things. right. I mail a letter.  It’s easier to put ink to the page than speak the words. Eventually though, on the way to meet the Rabbi for the second time, I make the call.  I stutter and feel the heat rush to my face even though we are thousands of miles apart.

“We fell in love with you a long time ago. We’ll do what we can to help and support you.”  I manage to hold back the hot tears until I get off the phone.

We meet again, this time in the 603 for my pool party. She gifts me candlesticks, a traditional gift given by mothers when their daughters become Bat Mitzvehed. They are beautiful.

Room is given for us to make our own traditions, to find my comfort level.  I tell her about the matzoh ball soup I made that wasn’t so good.

“No, you don’t know how to make that yet.”  She says, kindly.

I pause. Confused since I’m pretty sure I did in fact make it for Friday night Shabbat dinner.

“I haven’t shown you how to make it yet.”

“That’s bees!” I protest, laughing.   The problem is solved on our next visit. She tells me her secret.

Together we shop for the dress I will wear when I marry her oldest son. Her face lights up just as brightly as mine when I find the.one.  We gift her a bracelet at our rehearsal dinner with a silver bee charm.

She loves deeply. Unconditionally. We text, call and laugh.

She is beautiful. As far as Mother in Law’s go – I have no complaints.

She surprised us at our NH shower

She was a very welcome surprise at our NH Jack-n-Jill shower


**Point of order – as far as Father In Law’s go I have no complaints either. None at all but those words are for another post.**


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