About Moi


When I was little I loved new journals.  Loved loved loved them.  I still do.  The promise of the fresh new pages were awesome.  I was convinced in this book I would have handwriting similar to my moms beautiful neat script.  Or in that book I would think Deep Thoughts.  Thoughts that would change the world – even if it was just my own world.  It never happened.  My deep thoughts were more along the lines of “When I’m done writing in you dear journal, I am going to watch Star Trek with Sister.”  or “Mom likes S better than me.  I can totally tell since she said “hi” to her first even though I walked in the door first!  It’s SO not fair.”  Earth shattering and ground breaking, I know.

I’ll give you a minute to process. Take your time.

Ready? Okay.

It’s kind of the same with Blogs.  I don’t have to worry so much about the handwriting thing though.

I write about my life – which includes Husband, school, the military, our Boxer child, Agnes (my SV 650S),  Franchesca Fiore (Husband’s GSX-R 750) and anything else that happens along the way.

Some things I feel like sharing:

– We’ve been married 2 years and lived in 3 different states in that time. Hoo-ah.

– We adopted Gracie Lou Freebush in January 2012.  She’s 6 and had a rough first 5 years.  She’s totally living the good life now. I thought that I’d be the disciplinarian one but it turns out I have a hard time saying no to her.

Could YOU say no to this face?

Could YOU say no to this face?

– I’m a new rider and love it so far.  I have yet to venture on the highway but one day soon Agnes and I will be zooming around, comfortable and safely. Husband has been riding around for several years now.  Previously he had a GSX-R 600 but it was stolen when we lived in Texas. Our second week there.  Ugh.

– While this blog is about our life, I do all the writing. Sometimes I ask for Husband’s input but he has yet to publish a post.

We live and love full throttle.  That expression comes from a line from “Dear Sugar“.  You should check her out if you haven’t read her before.

Welcome to our Blog!


2 thoughts on “About Moi”

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day and your comment on our wedding photos! I loved going back and looking at those photos again. 🙂 Can’t wait to read some more of your blog!

    • I hope I didn’t end up commenting like 9 times. Every time I hit enter the comment would disappear and I’m clearly not computer savvy. Thanks for stopping by here. Soon I’ll add some wedding pics of our own. Stay tuned! 🙂

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