Things on Gracie

IMG_0303This is Gracie Lou Freebush O.

We named her after Sandra Bullock’s character in Ms. Congeniality.  Husband was a little reluctant at first, but in the end he accepted that she was in fact Gracie Lou. She is 6 – 7 in October.  We were lucky enough to snag her from the ASPCA when she was 5.

We don’t live exciting lives.  So we put things on her for fun.  She’s a good sport.

When we first picked her up we stopped at Petco for some supplies.  We let her pick out her own food (sniff test) and some toys.

Gracie Lou Kippah

She wanted a squeeky Santa but we had to break it to her that she was Jewish.  She didn’t mind at all once she found out there were squeeky dreidels to be chewed on.


It started out innocently enough. Husband’s hat.  Looks stylish don’t you think?

IMG954920Then I had to go to the field and she wanted to come too.  She was even willing to wear the necessary gear- which is saying something since that helmet weighs 7lbs.

IMG_3158Then she thought she needed a vacation to the Islands – Hawaii to be specific. She REALLY wanted to go, but then found out she would have to be quarantined for awhile. So she decided against it.

Then we all got silly and E thought of Lilo and Stitch.


The resemblance is uncanny isn’t it?
IMG956519Next time we’ll find a cape for her. I think she would like that.

She also likes to party and celebrate with family.  Especially since we’re so far away from everyone being here on the West Coast.IMG950307Plus – she really likes cake and Aunt Sara is a push over so she knows she’s going to get some.  No one can say no to that face.  It’s problematic really.

Just in case you think we’re too mean here’s some evidence to the contrary:


We put her bed in the truck for long car rides.

IMG_2710And tuck her in every night. She has two blankets.  The blue polar fleece one which is good for really cold nights since it’s so big we fold it up and then the polka dot one which is good for keeping monsters chills away. IMG953735

We love her.


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